Home Inspection Pricing

We look at more.  We find more. This is why real estate agents know to use us for their personal homes and investment properties.

Our home inspections include a roof inspection, a digital electrical system scan of the home circuits and components.  We normally inspect the wiring inside of electrical service panels, and perform a water pressure test of the plumbing system.

To order a home inspection call (916) 333-0540 or schedule your home inspection online.

Single Family HomesPrices
Up to 1000 square feet$395.00*
1001 to 1500 square feet$450.00 *
1501-2500 square feet$485.00 *
2501-3300 square feet$535.00 *
3301-4000 square feet$610.00 *
4001-5000 square feet$720.00 *
5001-6000 square feet$860.00 *
6001-7000 square feet$975.00 *
7001-8000 square feet$1095.00 *
8001-9000 square feet$1215.00 *
9001 square feet and upCall for Quote
Pre-Offer Inspection (At showing, focused partial inspection)$175.00
Add-on Services
Thermal Imaging during a home inspection$200.00
Repair Estimate Report$80.00
* Sub-Area (Crawlspace or Basement), add$75.00
Limited Scope Inspection$225.00
Additional Structure up to 1000 sq. ft.$99.00 *
Pool during the home inspection, add$50.00
Pool as a stand alone inspection$185.00
Spa during the home inspection, add$35.00
Spa as a stand alone inspection$165.00
Water testing of well water, with Inspection
(bacteria, inorganic chemicals, and minerals)
Water testing of municipal water, with Inspection
(lead, copper, and minerals)
2 units**$550.00*
3 units**$665.00*
4 units**$781.00
** Call for quote on units larger than 1000 square feet
Commercial Properties
up to 2500 square feet$1250.00
2501-5000 square feet$1500.00

All pricing is based upon a 20 mile radius inspection service area. Inspections outside of that service area are subject to being charged a travel fee.

(1) Fee for Repair Estimate Reports is $80.00 and may be ordered before or after the home inspection.
(2) Pricing for units under 1000 sq. ft.